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Ashlee Howard Bodyfit helps a community of young mums with exercise programs that are exciting and fun without judgement, so that they can feel confident in their bodies.

My sessions would also be of great benefit to those mature woman who want to go to that extra level – if you’re not sure just ask my mum. In addition, anyone who is wanting a variety of fun exercises to change up their fitness routine. My programs are adaptable to any fitness level.

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You’re odd if you don’t brush your teeth whilst on your stroller I’d say 😝🙊🤣


Last weekend Marcus and I headed out overnight for a little staycay at a hotel for Marcus’s birthday. They had a gym (that may have been a prerequisite when I was booking 🙊) so I headed in there to have a little play. That’s exactly what I did.
Different exercises to what I have been doing and it felt good!

It’s really important to keep changing up your exercises whether it’s your reps/sets or the actual exercises to keep seeing the results you’re after.
Your body adapts to your routine so remember to keep your body guessing 😜

All you have to do is GET UP and TRY!
Worst case? You fail, then TRY AGAIN tomorrow!