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Ashlee Howard Bodyfit helps a community of young mums with exercise programs that are exciting and fun without judgement, so that they can feel confident in their bodies.

My sessions would also be of great benefit to those mature woman who want to go to that extra level – if you’re not sure just ask my mum. In addition, anyone who is wanting a variety of fun exercises to change up their fitness routine. My programs are adaptable to any fitness level.

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Sunday is all about planning for the week! This actually excites me for some reason...fresh opportunities!!!

Make sure you have yourself ready for a GREAT week ahead! 👊🏻😘

May is a massive month for MS Australia with the #50KinMay Challenge where you walk or run 50km and fundraise for MS research.

ALSO on May 30th the MS Walk around Albert Park is on which is another fundraiser.

All of this assists in furthering research towards finding a cure to MS.

I, along with 25,000 Australians live with MS, currently with no cure...only treatment to halt/ease the progress of MS.

Frankly, living with MS sucks so any donations is absolutely fabulous 😘👌🏻

To sign up (free!) for 50k In May Walk go to www.50kInMay.com.au and join me in getting those steps up in May at the very least


‘Focus in the possibilities of success, not on the potential of failure’

This is such a natural response from a human is to automatically think of the negatives or how you may fail.
I had this discussion with a client the other day and was saying how we need to mentally change that thought process in our head to turn towards the positives! This is quite hard for some people, but by practising this DAILY you will slowly start to turn those thoughts to positive thoughts and THRIVING!

#success #positivethinking #mindset

Sometimes we just need to


Appreciate where you are at in life and realise how far you have come.

We always want something more...in actual fact 10 years ago you probably dreamt to be we you are now...correct?
Something to think about!

You’re odd if you don’t brush your teeth whilst on your stroller I’d say 😝🙊🤣


Last weekend Marcus and I headed out overnight for a little staycay at a hotel for Marcus’s birthday. They had a gym (that may have been a prerequisite when I was booking 🙊) so I headed in there to have a little play. That’s exactly what I did.
Different exercises to what I have been doing and it felt good!

It’s really important to keep changing up your exercises whether it’s your reps/sets or the actual exercises to keep seeing the results you’re after.
Your body adapts to your routine so remember to keep your body guessing 😜

All you have to do is GET UP and TRY!
Worst case? You fail, then TRY AGAIN tomorrow!